Varizoom Professional Shoulder Support w/ AB Brace for DV Camcorders

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  • Professional shoulder support with abdominal brace for digital camcorders
  • Precision-machined from sturdy, lightweight aluminum for style and function
  • Ergonomic design carries the weight of the camera to minimize fatigue
  • Works with most DV camcorders, including XL1, GL1, VX-1000, TRV-900, and more
  • Folds into compact footprint; measures 5.9 x 19 inches (W x L); 1-year warranty

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VariZoom’s VZ-LSP is the ultimate camera support eliminating fatigue of your arm caused while holding the camera and support system. Separating this shoulder brace from others is the fully adjustable ab support, giving the shooter three points of contact with the brace (hand, shoulder and body) for maximum camera support and control. The VZ-LSP is an incredible product that you will take pride in utilizing. Assembled with over 20 individually precision machined parts, the VZ-LSP is truly a work of art that is appreciated by professionals all over the world. Unlike many of the similar products on the market, your arm will not get fatigued! Shoot fatigue free all day with camcorders up to 8 pounds with cameras such as the Canon XL-1 on your shoulder! The VZ-LSP provides for ten adjustable fittings for an endless variety of shooting configurations. The VZ-LSP is tough, lightweight and made to last a lifetime! Customize it with a VariZoom Lens Controller, the VZ-PG-L or the VZ-Pro-L the digital videographer has the perfect combination for getting the best looking video with comfortable hand-held shooting. Guaranteed best or your money back! The VZ-LSP is designed specifically for the popular “prosumer” camcorders which are smaller than traditional shoulder-mount cameras, including the Sony VX-1000, DSR-200, TRV-900; and Canon’s XL1 & GL1.The VZ-LSP insures a stable shooting platform by providing three points of body contact: shoulder, hand and abdomen. The LSP may

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Varizoom Professional Shoulder Support w/ AB Brace for DV Camcorders